Institute Activities

The main objective of the Institute is connected with fundamental and applied scientific research with the aim of obtaining of a new scientific knowledge in the field of a hydrobiology, hydroecology, and ichthyology, a conservation of aquatic living resources, rational nature management taking into account the forecasts and world trends in the development of science and technology, the state of the market of scientific and technical products.

In 2016, the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine approved the following main scientific directions of the Institute's research:

  • Investigation of the biodiversity and functioning of freshwater ecosystems as the basis for the development of technologies for biological indication, monitoring and management of ecological state of the water bodies;
  • Investigation of physical and chemical bases of a migration, transformation and biological effects on hydrobionts of radionuclide and chemical contaminations and ways of their regulation;
  • Assessment and forecasting of fish fauna state in the water bodies of different types for the environmental management and conservation of fishes diversity;
  • Molecular, cellular and physiological researches of aquatic organisms as a basis for the development of highly efficient technologies of aquaculture.

Hydrobiological Journal

This journal contains original articles in aquatic biology and aquatic ecosystems. The journal publishes in the area of physiology, biochemistry, systematics, ecology and conservation of freshwater fish, invertebrates, vascular plants, zoo- and phytoplankton, as well as freshwater quality and toxicology. While most of the papers deal with inland waters, the journal also publishes articles reporting on expeditionary work, especially the Antarctic and tropical seas. Hydrobiological Journal is valuable to freshwater and marine biologists and chemists, limnologists, environmental scientists, oceanographers, and toxicologists.